US Green Card Template PSD [Permanent Resident Card 2021]

Green Card lottery. U.S unique program to legally move to the United states as a lawful resident. Easiest way to obtain an immigrant visa. Start your pathway to U.S. citizenship. If you wish to download US Green Card Template PSD or USA Permanent Resident Card, you’re on the right place.

US Green Card Template PSD

Download updated version of US Green Card Template editable Adobe Photoshop template where you can easily modify several things including name, address, numbers, photos, Surname Given Name USCIS, Category, Country of Birth Date of Birth, Card Expires Date and Resident since, Signature Specimen Test Date etc. and create a fake copy for you at home.

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US Green Card Template PSD Front Side Fake Editable Blank Example HD

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Permanent Resident Card Template PSD:

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US Permanent Resident Card Template PSD PR Front Side Fake Editable Blank Example HD

US Permanent Resident Card Template PSD PR Back Side Fake Editable Blank Example HD

Benefits of Getting US Green Card Template

For those who are currently planning to get a green card, what is the readiness to get it? I explained what the benefits of getting a green card are. The preparedness part is mainly for tax considerations and does not mention the field of immigration law. Be sure to consult a professional lawyer regarding the immigration rights of a green card.

Worldwide taxation, asset disclosure

Did you know that because of this obligation, many people dare not get a green card even though they have the money to get one?

Obtaining a green card means that you will remain a resident of the United States even if you are not resident in the United States. Staying a resident of the United States requires the U.S. IRS to disclose all income you earn worldwide, or conversely, the U.S. Government has the right to tax global income. I’m giving.

I hate this obligation and the right to give to the IRS, and some people give their families a green card and don’t get a green card themselves. This is the case with EB-5 visas.

Of course, E and L visas are also US residents and have the same rights and obligations as green card holders, but when they return to Japan, they will automatically no longer be US residents and these Rights and obligations will disappear. Obtaining permanent residence is prepared to mean that these rights and obligations must be abandoned unless you waive your permanent residence.

Real estate is not subject to disclosure, but what is called financial assets is subject to disclosure. Disclosure of financial assets such as bank name, account number, maximum balance and address is done in two main forms. What is commonly known as FBAR is Form 8938 .

It is important to remember that we are obliged to disclose the ownership of shares of overseas companies. If you own 10% or more of the shares of an overseas company, you are obliged to disclose it, and if you own 50% or more, you may be taxable. If you own a company in your family, you need to be careful.

2. Departure tax

I have been a permanent resident for more than 8 years, and if I clear any of the following three points, I may be subject to departure tax. I will omit difficult explanations. Make sure you understand the following before deciding whether or not to get a green card. Especially for those who are planning to return to Japan in the future and who are doing business in the United States, I would like you to keep in mind.

  • Net worth of more than $ 2 million alone at the time of green card abandonment
  • The average amount of tax paid to the federal government over the last five years exceeds a certain number (the amount changes every year)
  • Can declare compliance with federal tax law in the last five years
  • If you clear even one of these, you will be covered Expatriate. In that case, the following three types of taxes may be charged.
  • Departure tax (taxed as capital gains tax over a certain deduction amount subject to unrealized capital gains when the green card is abandoned)
  • 401 (k) withholding tax 30% (Because you cannot receive the benefits of the Japan-US tax treaty, both Japan and the United States will be taxed)
  • IRA taxes green card in full as regular income

3. Benefit list

The first advantage of the green card is freedom of employment. I myself got the card and changed jobs within a year. If you hold it for more than 5 years, it will open the way to US citizenship. I myself was able to obtain US citizenship in this way. If you are married to a US citizen, this period will be reduced to three years. If I can earn citizenship, I will be obliged to be a jury and sometimes appear as a jury in court, but I personally feel that it is not a burdensome obligation.

Finally, if you get citizenship, you can get suffrage and elect. You can also apply for permanent residence for your family. It is possible to bring in so-called families and move them to the United States.

These merits are very important and provide the basis for the pursuit of the so-called American dream. Personally, getting a green card has greatly opened my life in the United States. Of course, it was also a big merit that I was able to lay the foundation for my work after that when I was working at H-1 before that.

Readers will be familiar with these benefits, needless to say. However, unfortunately, the reality is that many people do not know it in terms of preparedness. Please consider it when you get a green card that will have a huge impact on your life in this article.

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Enjoy this US Permanent Resident Card Template / US Green Card Template PSD with unlimited cards making option. You’ll get free fonts and both sides fully editable files.

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What can you do with Photoshop, which is loved by designers and creators all over the world? You can easily modify this US Green Card Template PSD in your computer and verify your online limited accounts like PayPal, Payoneer, Cryptocurrency, Skrill, Banks etc.


Can I make multiple US Green Card Template with this template?

Yes, you can make Card as many as you can using this single .psd file which is a fully editable version.

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Yes we can make license with your information. Simply go to contact us page and contact us.

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Yes, fonts are already included in this template folder. Just download and extract zip folder?

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You can buy this template and modify using Adobe Photoshop software. There are plenty of videos available on Youtube about how to edit a PSD template.

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